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Here you can download the demo projects program music for theater. Projects acquaint users with the interface of the program, and the basics of it. Restrictions relating to the trial consists in the fact that the user will not be available window "Effects." In addition, there is no file menu item "save". Demo projects show the main principles - an editable text in which hyperlinks are marked replicas. Each replica has its own row in the table of events. Each cell in the event table corresponds to one frame in the toolbar.

All relevant comments on what should be done are recorded in the demo examples. That the ease with which you will understand that what will be a fundamental advantage, and when working with large projects, music for theater. Because now when you make a score of sound effects can not concentrate on the designation of sound sources and numbers of tracks, and on a clear design of the replica.

Demo Project First

Indicates that no longer have to worry about that one sound is not yet over, and the action on stage is required to include the following. You only control the execution of short sounds. And even if they have not yet finished, you can run more and more without worrying about the fact that the number of audio channels will be exhausted. And while at the same time in such a project might sound like a significant number of files in the table's entire score is displayed only two columns.

This facility now allows you to turn the traditional notion that an actor should be under the sound design. So, why has introduced live sound performances can be achieved using the program music for theater.

Download the first demo project program Music For Theater

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Demo Project Second

Demonstrates how to implement the project effects. Now, even with a narrow list of standard processing, which provides a standard Direct-sound, theater sound engineering practice may be important - running the event we are making replicas of the changing nature of sound. This solution does not require any special commutation does not require the use of real equipment.

It may seem strange, but the setup window effects in the demo example is not available. But the example does not show any interface that is described in HELP, but it shows the possibilities that now appear in sound form, executed on the basis of the program music for theater

At the same example, you can test out the program in a sudden transition to an arbitrary replica. For theatrical practice is replete with examples where some replicas are skipped, while others were not committed in turn.

Download the second demo project program Music For Theater

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