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     Language is built on the stage of the replicas. Any signal the beginning of the next steps in the practice stage is treated as a replica. Replicas share actors, cues are lighting equipment, stage, and finally, sound performance, creates a replica.

      Coordination of interaction creates a replica stage action. However, stage equipment is often a weak point in this interaction. Must wait until the run for a hoist, turn round, wait until the lights or all lights dim.

    For sound, the problem is even more acute. Modern hardware players are primarily designed to play audio tracks from beginning to end. In the best case - with some definite place to another.

      Therefore, when working in theater with such carriers requires work sound engineer who mixes the sounds coming from different carriers in accordance with a sound score of the performance.

      Usually try to use no more than two or three sources, the sound of which is sent to two or three speaker system (portals, the backdrop of the stage and surroundings of the hall). This can add a few mic sources requiring special attention of the operator.

     A further complication sound performance is fraught with errors, and the more complex performances usually work two and sometimes three people.

      This complex was the most responsible and remains - the launch of phonograms, although work with microphones require higher qualifications.

       Program written music for theater in order to launch phonograms is simply and exactly on time. Regardless of how many threads run at the same time the complexity of working with the program to play the same as when working with a single reproducing apparatus.

       Program music for theater allows for processing to separate the audio stream, and change the treatment in real time by pressing a key.

       Program music for theater allows you to play audio streams on any device, which is present in the system. (audio device with WDM drivers).

             Program music for theater is ten times cheaper than the total cost of the equipment it replaced, but some features are unique and not implemented by the hardware. Copyrigth ©Kroutov 2009

























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